Odyssey used Singapore math curriculum.  Click here for information.  Singapore math is based on conceptual understanding of how numbers work together.  Students will use mental math and bar models to solve complex mathematical problems.


Math homework consists of games, fact fluency practice, and skill review.  Scholars have math homework 4 nights a week.  For two nights, scholars will play a math game with a parent, sibling, friend, etc. for 10-15 minutes.  One night a week scholars will work on their math facts fluency with a timed test (called a Sprint), flashcards or online games.  For one night a week scholars will practice their math facts using a fact fluency timed test.  When they complete their test, they will graph their score on a line graph.

For links to online games click here.


Clip art from scrappin doodle

Math Facts

All scholars are responsible for knowing their math facts.  They should be practicing every night.  It is essential that they are fluent with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts in order to be successful in math.

Click here for a practice test.  

Click here to see facts strategies.

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Multiplication Properties

Scholars have been using multiplication properties throughout their school career, now they will learn the mathematical terms for each and will learn when and why to use them to help solve multiplication problems.

Click here to find out about multiplication properties.

Factors and Multiples

Scholars will learn to find factors and multiples as well as to use them to help solve multiplication and division problems.

Click here for information on factors and multiples.


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Scholars will learn to order, simplify, find equivalent fractions, and to add and subtract fractions.

Click here for fraction information.

Money and Fractions

Click here for fraction strips to print and use at home.

Click here for a set of fraction cards to play Improper/MIxed Number Fractoin Go Fish

See a mathematical way to convert fractions with unlike denominators so they are able to add them by going to,

Scholars will be learning to use math equations to compare and order fractions.  Students will also be introduced to mixed fractions.

Click here to see a great video/song on equivalent fractions.

Click here to see one way to find equivalent fractions.

Click here to see another strategy to find equivalent fractons.

More equivalent fractions using cross multiplication.

January 24 – This week we will continue our study of f


Scholars will learn both the Metric Measurement System and the Standard Measurement System.  Not only will they practice measuring length, weight, and capacity, but they are learning to convert measurements into different units.

Image from

Click here for information on the standard system.

Click here for information on Metric Measurement

Click here for the measuring review guide.

Long Division

Scholars will use number sense to learn long division with and without remainders.

Singapore Math teaches division using a place value chart.  This method is very visual and students are able to see how using the manipulatives and place value chart relates to the algorithm.

Click here for information on how Singapore Math teacher division.

Follow this link to see a not very professional video of how Singapore Math teaches division.  I apologize for the speed of the video, I can’t get it to slow down.  If you know how, please teach me.

The algorithm is how most of us learned to do division.  The steps are divide, multiply, subtract, bring down, repeat or remainder.

Click here to see the algorithm long division strategy.

In bags of cookies, named by one of my former students, scholars estimate how many groups of the divisor they can get from the dividend.  They then write the amount on the side of their problem and continue finding groups of the dividend.  Click below for an example.

Click here to see examples of Bags of Cookies division.

Click here to play division games.

Click here for practice on divisibility rules.

Multiplication with large numbers.

Scholars will learn several strategies to help them multiply large numbers.  All of the mental math strategies include using number sense.

Singapore Math Multiplication strategies

Click here to see how break apart works!

Click here to see examples of Singapore Math multiplication strategies.

Click here for information on Break Apart Multiplication.

Click here for information on the multiplication algorithm. Make sure to play the powerpoint, otherwise it will look like a jumbled mess.

Check out lattice multiplcation.

Click here to see the strategies we will be learning!

Mental Addition and Subtraction

Strategies for Adding Mentally

Strategies for Subtracting Mentally

More Strategies for Subtracting Mentally – Chart

See Mrs. Benke on YouTube! – Large X and Division Strategy

Word Problems

Students will learn to use different mathematical concepts to solve word problems using model drawing.  Click below to go to a fabulous website that explains and shows examples of model drawing.













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